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How we work

  • Step 1: Write down your problem and contact details.
  • Step 2: Securely ship the board (with the problem description and address inside) to our store using any courier company, or drop it off in person.
  • Step 3: After receiving the parcel, our technician will call you within 24 hours to give you a quote and the estimated repair/upgrade cost.
  • Step 4: After completing the repair, you will receive information about the payment and shipping of your skateboard back to your address or pick-up at our store.


Edwarda Jelinka 8

01-646 Warszawa

787 736 536


electric skateboard

We were the first in Warsaw to work with electric skateboards made by brands such as: Majestic, Onewheel, Ownboard, WowGo, Meepo, Onsra Backfire, or Boosted Board.


Electric skateboards are bound to send a thrilling chill down your spine at the very idea of being able to cruise on a motor-powered board through your favorite routes, whether they’re city streets or forest offroads. That alone probably makes electric skateboards the sexiest means of moving around out there. It’s to this that we owe our passion for electric skateboards and it’s also the reason why they’ve been a regular in our workshop for so many years.

Range Performance Power

Our qualified team of experts can advise you on the range of your board and what can be done to boost its performance. You can also count on our advice when it comes to choosing and ordering the right equipment for your electric skateboard.


Different skateboards have different ranges - the autonomy of the board is due to several factors such as engine power, wheel size/type, and perhaps most importantly, battery capacity and management. All these parameters can be boosted to enjoy the ride for as long as possible, without fear of ever running out of steam.

all brands

  • Majestic boards service
  • Onewheel // Future Motion service
  • ownboard service
  • WowGo service
  • Meepo service
  • Onsra service
  • Backfire Electric service
  • boosted board service

We’re the first store in Warsaw offering a dedicated repair service for electric skateboards of all brands.

endless possibilities

Our ESK8 repair center lets you do virtually any repairs to your board. This includes mechanical damage, electronic and software damage, but also all sorts of modifications and technical inspections.

  • Boosting range
  • Boosting power
  • factory ESC-to-VESC controller switch
  • ESC BLDC-to-FOC upgrade
  • 3D elements reprint
  • bearings replacement
  • service inspection
  • tracks repair
  • battery change
  • motor regeneration
  • custom-made batteries

contact +

tel . 501 791 302


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