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DROP Design is made up of a team of professionals specializing in designing and building PC units. Each of our computers is one-of-a-kind. This means that our PCs are fully user-customized. Each of our PCs has two distinctive features: unique design and fantastic performance.

Thanks to our passion for technology and continuous self-improvement in the area of PC hardware, the gear that leaves our workshop offers above-average performance and UX. It is our top priority to ensure that our computers are intuitive, handy and uncompromising. Staying up to date with the latest technologies and subsequently adapting them to the PC environment makes our computers all the more user-friendly and perfectly compatible with several external displays, graphics tablets and other devices for professional use. Our team’s spot-on configurations also translate into great performance in terms of speed. Thanks to that, encoding and decoding multimedia, data transfer or manipulating millions of polygon meshes in 3D software will all be several times faster. Our computers are the perfect tool for both professional work and entertainment.

Each of our computers is one of its kind, which is why we carefully match their design components. We introduce a number of inventive touch-ups, modifications and color options to convert our devices into a real eye candy. Most of our PCs are equipped with a custom-made water-cooling system that ensures smooth operation of the entire setup. It enables the cores to work at low temperatures, which means our computers are silent even under extreme workloads. All this makes for reliable, custom-made equipment that will last many years trouble-free.


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"one of one"





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                   ażdego z naszych klientów traktujemy indywidualnie starając się zrozumieć jego gust oraz oczekiwania, budujemy pojedyncze jednostki PC oraz kompletne  stanowiska które będą doskonale spersonalizowane do potrzeb użytkownika


              aszym celem jest dostarczenie użytkownikowi wyjątkowy komputer, który doskonale trafi w jego gusta i upodobania. Doświadczony zespół designerów oraz inżynierów od etapu projektu przez produkcję do ostatecznego wyglądu może stworzyć urządzenie, które będzie zadziwiać swoją niepowtarzalnością. To komputer, który w swojej oryginalnej formie doskonale spełni oczekiwania użytkownika.


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